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Medical School REGIOMED

Studying medicine the modern way. In Germany and Croatia.

The Medical School REGIOMED is a cooperation between the REGIOMED-KLINIKEN GmbH and the School of Medicine at the University of Split in Croatia.

Studying human medicine at the Medical School REGIOMED takes a total of six years. The pre-clinical part of the course (Years 1 to 3) is completed at the School of Medicine at the University of Split and is in English. In the fourth year of your studies, you return to Germany and complete the clinical part of the course (Years 4 to 6) at the Medical School REGIOMED. Throughout the whole course, you are matriculated at the University of Split and you conclude the course with the Croatian qualification awarded by the University of Split.

The advantages at a glance
• Intensive support and teaching in small groups
• Attractive locations for studying in Split, Upper Franconia and southern Thuringia
• Insights into the German and Croatian healthcare system
• Bilingual studies in English and German
• Holistic training: Human medicine, salutogenesis, health promotion as well as management skills
• E-learning and modern technical equipment
• EU-wide recognition of the final qualification
• After successfully qualifying, the option of applying for a licence to practice medicine in Germany
• The prospect of later employment as a licenced doctor in the REGIOMED group

Years 1 to 3

In the first part, the pre-clinical phase, you learn the basic theoretical and practical foundations at the
School of Medicine at the University of Split in English.

Years 4 to 6

In this part of the course, the clinical phase, you primarily consolidate your clinical skills in the REGIOMED Hospitals in Upper Franconia and southern Thuringia.

The tuition fees for the 6-year study course at the University of Split amount to a total of €54,000. The fees must be remitted to the University of Split once a year. As you are matriculated at the School of Medicine at the University of Split for the entire course, a corresponding study contract is to be drawn up and concluded with the University of Split. In addition to the tuition fees, other costs will arise for accommodation, food, transport etc.

Financial concerns should not prevent you from taking advantage of this opportunity if you have successfully overcome the application hurdles. We strive to make it possible for each and every suitable candidate to take part in the course. For information on financing options, please turn to

Are you interested in what the Medical School REGIOMED as to offer?

We cordially invite you to apply for a study place and to take advantage of this professionally and culturally multifaceted programme.

In addition to the corresponding academic qualifications and good English and German skills, our applicants should also have the personal characteristics necessary to successfully complete the course. That means that applicants for the Medical School REGIOMED need to enjoy working with people, have empathy and an interest in innovative service models.

The selection of suitable applicants is carried out in accordance with the admissions criteria for the University of Split, together with the Medical School REGIOMED. Applications are only necessary during the application period - which will be published on the homepage in advance.

documentation needed for an application:

• General University Entrance Qualification: 'Abitur', A levels, International Baccalaureate or comparable European school-leaving qualification (If the leaving certificate is not yet available by the application deadline, the results of the last two interim grade certificates and the expected final grade can be submitted.) or a good to very good higher qualification, such as a university degree.

• Applicants must provide evidence that they were enrolled in at least two of the four subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics up to the university entrance qualification level and have obtained good grades.

• Evidence of good German and English skills. The following tests are recognised as evidence of a knowledge of English: Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE): A, B, C; Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): A, B, C; TOEFL iBT (90/120); IELTS (6.5/9).

• Evidence of an eight-week nursing placement as practical work experience in a hospital - if possible a REGIOMED Group hospital - or in an out-patient nursing service. The placement does not have to be completed in one block, however the shortest block must not be less than three weeks. Confirmation of the acceptance for a placement place is adequate for the initial application, evidence of the completed placement should, however, be submitted before starting to study.

• Letter of Motivation (Suggested content: Why would you like to study medicine? Why would you like to study with REGIOMED? What fascinates you about being a doctor? What experience do you have in working with people, what have you learnt from that? Have you already taken part in social or medical projects?

• Optional: Evidence of the completion of medical vocational training, or work experience (Certified copy of the certificate)

• Optional: Result of the Test for Medical Study Courses (TMS): The TMS takes place once a year between the end of April and the middle of May. Further information is to be found on the TMS Homepage. With a particularly good result in the TMS, the average grade specified in the university entrance qualification certificate can be enhanced - it cannot be worsened. Should you have missed the registration deadline for the TMS, it is, of course, still possible to send us your application.

when taking up studys:

• Residence permit for Croatia
• Health insurance valid for Croatia
• Police clearance certificate
• Evidence of the completed nursing placement

You can apply using our application form. Further information about applications can also be found in the process description. Please note that we can only process applications during the specified application period.