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Our mission

We at REGIOMED see it as our mission to bring medical progress to the people. Everyone should be able to benefit from it. Everywhere in our region. The hospitals and their subsidiaries in the areas around Coburg, Lichtenfels, Sonneberg and Hildburghausen have come together under the umbrella of the REGIOMED-KLINIKEN GmbH to be in a position to provide good healthcare for all of the people in our region - and that even beyond the federal state borders of Bavaria and Thuringia.
Highly specialised medicine and nursing care in our facilities, a wide range of services provided for the whole region: We do not only provide top service for good healthcare in hospitals, but in many other areas as well - eg in out-patient primary care practices, centres for the elderly, residential homes for patients with psychological disorders, service providers, healthcare and nursing schools, as well as the ambulance service in the Sonneberg area.

All of this means that REGIOMED is the backbone of healthcare in our region with services ranging from A for allergology to X for X-rays. Our facilities provide medical services, state-of-the-art diagnostics and comprehensive therapies for the over 350,000 people in the region of Upper Franconia and southern Thuringia.

Furthermore, our hospitals and facilities are among the biggest employers in each location. For qualified and committed employees, we provide interesting prospects and opportunities for further training. We are proud of our efficient teams. And we are aware that only an attractive working environment provides the right context for top performance. That is why we place particular importance on constantly improving the general conditions for job and career, as well as for families, leisure and health.